An Evening With Dame Joan Collins

An Evening With Dame Joan Collins
Dubai Opera December 12th 2017

Wednesday, April 4, 2012


The J . Arthur Rank Organisation

An Ealing Studios Film

Celia Johnson Cecil Parker Godfrey Tearle Harry Fowler George Relph Laurence Harvey
Ada Reeves Ursula Howells Sidney James Gladys Henson Katie Johnson Laurence Naismith
& JOAN COLLINS as Norma Hart

Screenplay by Jack Whittingham / Michael Ralph / Basil Dearden From the novel "Court Circular" by Sewell Stokes Music by Ernest Irving Director of Photography Gordon Dines
Produced & Directed by Michael Relph & Basil Dearden

(c) 1952 J . Arthur Rank Organisation 95 Mins B/W ..

"I Believe In You" was Joan's first major role and she had to do three screen tests before finally receiving a telegram while on holiday in Cannes, telling her she had secured the role of Norma.
 Joan recalled that costumes for the film were found whilst trawling around London's East End second hand shops!
 Joan earned £30 a week for her eight week's work on the production.
The critics at the time gave Joan some very good reviews;

Critic Jympson Harmon wrote..
" Joan Collins makes a tremendous impression as the wayward girl. She has a dark, luscious kind of beauty, which puts her in the Jane Russell class, but Joan already seems to be an actress of greater ability. On the showing of this first big film part, she looks like the most impressive recruit in British films for many a moon!"


" A dozen of my darkest red roses to Joan Collins! Fire and spirit in her acting and that odd combination of allure and mystery that spells eventual world stardom!"

After completing "I Believe In You", Joan appeared in several plays including "The Seventh Veil" and "Jassy" with her soon to be husband Maxwell Reed. Other plays included "Claudia & David" and "The Skin of Our Teeth". After the success of the film Joan was signed to a five year contract with Rank.

VARIETY said of Joan;
" Joan Collins turns in a strong dramatic performance"


" "I Believe In You", is a largely placid resemblance of things past, but it shines with understanding and is a warm and adult adventure, which pins deserving medals on unsung heroes, without heroics. Joan Collins, a comparative newcomer, is pretty and provocative as the fiery Norma, who finds in her a healthy love for Hooker, the answer to her problems. Although it rarely becomes impassioned, "I Believe In You", is a credible, satisfying and illuminating view of what generally is a dark scene!"

The film's star Celia Johnson, was nominated for a BAFTA award for her performance as Miss Mattie the long suffering probation officer in charge of Joan's character the wayward Norma. But she lost the Best Actress in a leading role Award to Vivien Leigh for her role in "A Streetcar Named Desire"

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